TECH STARTUP SCHOOL is the leading business accelerator, supporting entrepreneurs from the idea stage to the product launch phase, helping them to build sustainable technology businesses and companies with high growth potential. It was established to develop entrepreneurship and leadership skills, to promote a culture of entrepreneurship, and to create a strong startup ecosystem. TECH STARTUP SCHOOL is dedicated to empowering the entrepreneurial community and building networks that drive collaboration and strengthen entrepreneurs worldwide. It is an organization dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship, leadership development, building thriving communities, and achieving sustainable economic growth. It also offers a platform that provides action-based learning programs, resources, and networks for entrepreneurs and leaders.

Tech Startup School

TECH STARTUP SCHOOL runs business accelerator and mentorship programs both in Turkey and in the Silicon Valley, launched to boost innovation, entrepreneurship and the growth of startups, create synergies between high growth startup hubs and connects them to different entrepreneurial ecosystems, stakeholders, entrepreneurs, designers, mentors, angels, VCs, corporations and customers. Our program provides services for entrepreneurs aiming at scaling up and competing in the global market. TECH STARTUP SCHOOL provides a variety of training, workshops, venture acceleration program, startup bootcamp, foreign entrepreneurs program, investment readiness program, startup internationalization program, demoday, entrepreneurship consultancy and other professional services.


Click on the "TRAINING" tab above to access the list of courses and workshops such as fundamentals of entrepreneurship, technopreneurship, lean startup methodology, business model generation, business plan preparation, intrapreneurship, internationalization of startups, and business acceleration training conducted by the TECH STARTUP SCHOOL and received positive feedback from stakeholders in the global entrepreneurship ecosystem.


Click on the "MENTORSHIP" tab above to access the services such as mentoring training for mentor candidates who want to be a mentor in the global entrepreneurial ecosystem; creation of a national mentor pool; mentor assignment to entrepreneurs who want to get business mentorship; SME mentoring support for innovative enterprises; and the TECH STARTUP SCHOOL's business guidance to startups and technopreneurs.


Click on the "ACCELERATOR" tab above to access the 3 different acceleration program categories that you can apply to the TECH STARTUP SCHOOL in order to accelerate your startup, which reached to a certain level, in Turkey's entrepreneurship ecosystem; to scale up your business to the next level in Silicon Valley; and to expand your startup globally through internationalization services.

Organizations We Serve

These are the institutions and organizations that TECH STARTUP SCHOOL provides training and professional services in the global entrepreneurial ecosystem: Startups, technology ventures, large industrial enterprises, SMEs, public institutions, exporters' associations, chambers of commerce and industry, holding companies, banks and financial institutions, angel investment networks, venture capital funds, municipalities, organized industrial zones, non-governmental organizations, technology transfer offices, regional development agencies, entrepreneurial centers, pre-incubation centers, universities, technology development zones, technoparks, science parks and the areas of innovation.


Click on the "NEWS" tab above to access the latest news and important developments; useful information about entrepreneurship; articles on startups and technology ventures, topics on the internationalization of startups and SME's; venture capital headlines; venture investment deals; and important news, worldwide events and announcements in the global entrepreneurship ecosystem compiled by the TECH STARTUP SCHOOL.


Click on the "SERVICES" tab above to access the support services in the fields of innovation and entrepreneurship, internationalization, pre-incubation and incubation center management, mentor training, business mentoring, establishment of business angel betwork, matching investors with entrepreneurs, organizing hackathons and demodays, startup bootcamp, startup acceleration and other services provided by the TECH STARTUP SCHOOL for stakeholders in the global entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Application Form

This form is for providing training, business mentorship and professional services; accelerating startups and technology ventures; scaling up startups and helping technology companies go international; and contributing to the works of institutions and organizations.

Please click the red button below in order to reach the application form:

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Tech Startup School

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"Entrepreneurship is about turning what excites you in life into capital, so that you can do more of it and move forward with it!" — Richard Branson, Virgin Group

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