Entrepreneurship Ecosystem
and its Elements

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An entrepreneurial ecosystem or entrepreneurship ecosystem is the social and economic environment affecting the local or regional entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurial ecosystems are defined as a set of interdependent actors and factors coordinated in such a way that they enable productive entrepreneurship within a particular territory. The entrepreneurial ecosystem often narrows entrepreneurship down to high-growth startups or scaleups, claiming that this type of entrepreneurship is an important source of innovation, productivity growth, and employment.

Entrepreneurial ecosystem has nine elements or framework conditions in every territory or country, playing a role of catalyst for the entrepreneurial activities. These are 1) entrepreneurial finance, 2) government policy, 3) government entrepreneurship programs, 4) entrepreneurship education, 5) research & development transfer, 6) commercial & legal infrastructure, 7) market openness, 8) physical infrastructure, and 9) cultural & social norms.

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